• Michael Foley Author
  • “A Friend of Dorothy / Life on the Yellow Brick Road”

    A book about embracing who we were born to be

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    Our united strength is what will lead us from a world where tolerance is the norm into a world where acceptance is the right of all who live there.  It’s time to own our birthright and stand proud in the face of those who don’t understand us.

    Our community has been here since the dawn of man and will continue to be here long after the voices of those who choose to hate have faded.  We have made great strides over the last few decades in regard to civil rights and how we are perceived by the outside world but I believe there is also an inner journey we must trek.  If we begin to listen to our hearts, instead of the voices of the intolerant, we can once and for all own our birthright…  Write our own stories…  And finally live our lives in peace, knowing that who we are is exactly who we were intended to be.

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    A heart-felt “THANK YOU” to Kimo Collins for the picture on the front of the website.

    – Michael Foley