Why are so many of us so hesitant to utter this four letter word? Is it because we believe it shows weakness? Or because we are stubborn and believe we can do everything ourselves? Or maybe it’s because we don’t want to feel beholden to someone else? Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure… Not using it prevents us from living life to the fullest.

Realizing we are part of a community can be a blessing. We all have talents that are uniquely ours. Sharing them is why we are here. You can be the best drummer on the planet but without a string section there’s only so far your talents can take you. Asking someone who is a piano virtuoso to play in your band is a sign of wisdom not weakness.

Being willing to ask for “Help” will open doors and afford opportunities that were previously incomprehensible. Don’t be afraid to utter the word. You will be humbled by the result.

Michael Foley

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Michael Foley

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Michael Foley currently lives in Los Angeles where he pursues his passions. Writing, psychology, spirituality and politics. He has been a fierce advocate for LGBT rights since the early 80′s, during which time he was part of New York City’s Act-Up and a volunteer at the Gay Men’s Health Crisis. He has worn many hat’s over the years including nearly a decade in Corporate America where he was an Operations Manager in the Insurance Industry (please don’t hold that against him). Today he is a produced playwright and actor who continues to support and fight for LGBT equality and the healing of the LGBT Community.