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  • An Open Letter to The Supreme Court of the United States Regarding Marriage Equality

    Dear SCOTUS,   When you recently chose to rule on Marriage Equality nationwide I was elated. I thought to myself, “Finally, after centuries of oppression, both my community and myself would be getting a place at the table in the country where the words ‘Equal justice under the law’ truly mean something. Couple that with […]

  • Who Indeed

    “Who would choose this?”  A question often times used as an argument when confronted with those narrow-minded folks who still cling to the idea that “the gay” is a choice…  And, a question that I have loathed since the very first time I heard it. You see, “Who would choose this?” could imply to those […]

  • Home

    Ever since that young woman with pigtails and ruby slippers clicked her heels and uttered those five magic words “There’s no place like home”, we as a community have been obsessed with the idea of finding ours… All right maybe not the whole community… Some of us… Alright, me… I have been obsessed with the […]

  • We Stand in Their Footprints

    Millions of LGBT men and women never got the chance to stand in front of their peers, or their families for that matter, and profess their love publicly…

  • Hello, Old Friend

    The picture you’re looking was sent to me by a friend back east…  It’s me in my junior year of high school way back in 1979 (I was 16).  Now, after the initial shock of the hairdo wore off, there I was, all of a sudden, being bitch-slapped by a flood of emotions caused by […]

  • Square Pegs

    I believe most of us have lived a moment (for some, self included, probably more like moments…  Many, many moments.) where life becomes a bit painful.  And, if we are grown-up enough, we can admit to ourselves that our pain is completely self-induced.  And I say that because some of us have the propensity to […]

  • Building Rainbows

    Equal Rights.  Two relatively small words with super powers greater than that of all Superheroes combined.  And two words that every minority someday hopes to have ownership of.  Which if you think about, is absolutely absurd.  After all, we already know we are equal in our hearts but for some strange reason we choose to […]

  • We’ve Only Just Begun

    A few days ago I was at the gym listening to Pandora Radio on my iPhone when BAM! The Carpenters “We’ve Only Just Begun” started to play (unlike most people I tend to like mellow music when I work out.  What can I say, I’m weird that way) and in the middle of my stretching […]