Thank You!

We have all experienced times in our lives where we’re caught in a whirlwind. Times when every waking moment is consumed by the drama of our day, or week, or month, or year…  Times when the best we can hope for is to just keep our heads above water.  But when the dust finally settles and the smoke eventually clears we are given a moment to reflect.  A chance to breath.  A chance to look beyond ourselves.

When we are given the gift of calm I believe we need to say “Thank you” to those who saw us through…  “Thank you” to those whose words and deeds saw us back to safer shores…  “Thank you” to those whom without, we would never be who we are.

It is the love and support of our friends that sees us through not only our most challenging moments but those moments that offer us our greatest opportunities for growth…  To remember that and honor those who stand with us in our daily lives by saying “Thank you” is one of the greatest gifts we can ever give.  It costs nothing and yet is invaluable and can never come too late.

So, to all of those who have help me along the way…  To everyone who has ever offered a shoulder to cry on…  To anyone who has ever given me a hug and shared a smile, I say this with all that I am…  “Thank you!”


Michael Foley



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Michael Foley

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Michael Foley currently lives in Los Angeles where he pursues his passions. Writing, psychology, spirituality and politics. He has been a fierce advocate for LGBT rights since the early 80′s, during which time he was part of New York City’s Act-Up and a volunteer at the Gay Men’s Health Crisis. He has worn many hat’s over the years including nearly a decade in Corporate America where he was an Operations Manager in the Insurance Industry (please don’t hold that against him). Today he is a produced playwright and actor who continues to support and fight for LGBT equality and the healing of the LGBT Community.